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A Laser emits very visible green beam and can be seen for miles 

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The 200mW Green Laser emits a high powered, very visible green beam and can be seen for miles. Meant for indoor use, it comes with wall adapter that can be plugged into Canadian household power outlets. Built-in cooling fan for longer use. Please be responsible, Canada banned high-powered handheld laser pointers, plug-ins are okay.
I just bought a really awesome laser pointer . It's two watts, so it's five hundred times stronger than those regular green laser pointers.This paper describes a technique using a laser pointer and a camera to accomplish just such interactions.I was recently asked about the topic of eye safety and laser pointers, which sparked my interest since many parents are buying holiday gifts, many of which may contain a laser feature.
Laser Presentation Remote features a simplistic button layout, making it easy to give presentations. The patent-pending KeyLock Technology locks non-essential buttons when not needed to help eliminate accidental button presses. The integrated green laser pointer allows the presenter to highlight important content while the backlit buttons provide visibility in environments with low lighting. The power and brightness of a benchtop laser for a fraction of the cost! This durable laser pointer projects an intense green beam that can be seen up to several thousand feet in darkness.

Laser pointer based interfaces present an interesting alternative for interaction with large displays such as those provided by video projection systems. In order to operate correctly, such systems need to quickly and reliably detect the on-screen laser spot generated by the pointer. This paper describes a fast algorithm for real-time burning laser pointer blue spot tracking and presents some performance results.

Darcy says the 1000mw Laser Pointer can be used to activate a wide range of devices, such as lamps, televisions and fans - virtually any appliance that has an on-off switch.For a child who has difficulty holding a stick or pointer, the headband-directed laser beam works wonderfully.Most recently,techlasers sent me an Infiniti 125mW Green (532nm) laser. (For reference the Federal Laser Product Performance (CDRH) Standard considers 0.385mW the max that should go into your eye!
I ran this series of experiments 3 months ago using the old Plab 2.5 spectrometer kit, I used a 405nm UV laser pointer and A Prolight 1W high PWR UV LED [410nm].The laser pointer can be an interesting feature. However, I like to zoom in and out while presenting and, the pointer is often in my way. It is not very nice to see this long trail when you don't need to point to something in particular.An interesting review and I am glad both lasers were under 5mw, I have serious concerns about people using lasers greater than 5mw as pointers.

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