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There Are Other Sex Doll Rental Companies? 

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GYNOID doll with movable joints

An anatomically correct companion for a clear touch, the GYNOID doll has movable joints, hair, eyelashes, and weighs about 85 pounds. Although weird, it is claimed that he was not angry at chatting with the doll 24/7. Even if he does this sometimes, he acknowledges it. He revealed that he had also informed his neighbors about this, as he often took photos with them in the backyard. Although his neighbors seemed to treat him well, Dean said his ex-wife thought he was crazy, and everyone who returned to work felt the same way.

Tammy - 166CM Tan Skin WM Real TPE Sex Doll

There are other male sex doll rental companies in Canada, but the industry is relatively new. Although Dean has a total of 12, he likes one of them most-arguably, she is the one holding the key in his heart. "I really like my first [doll] Sarah," Dean, who has no close girlfriend, revealed. "I think of her ... I don't even know the word ... I almost said one person, but she wasn't alone. He also explained that she did have a" metal skeleton ", reminding Sarah" can not walk".

The discoverer said: "At present, our number one issue with the Pregnant sex doll is contact, because people do have a certain taboo on the industry." Laurel McBride wrote in CTV News: "Men should resist Nat And refuse to participate in or support this degrading industry. "

The company started with eight dolls and will launch a new real sex doll in late February. People spend some time on dolls, realizing that this is not just sex, but also a connection, a comfortable situation. "Meeting the dean of extreme love and the sex doll, he has a special place in his heart.

Meet Dean. Who is Dean and why did you choose Extreme Love? Well, this is how he described himself: "I'm a sex doll photographer." Not a Barbie or a cabbage patch doll, but a doll commonly called a sex doll and a love doll. Yes "I want to say that in about five to ten years, the appearance of the robot will be greatly improved," McMullen told the Media Star. The website states: "Our dolls have undergone four different cleaning processes, have undergone extremely strict disinfection, have undergone multiple audits, and have been inspected with a black light."

Alberta Health Services has not received any complaints about cleanliness. He said: "Artificial intelligence may start to approach things in the mammal category, but I don't necessarily see human-like intelligence, so I don't think we can even consider Japanese sex dolls' similar self-conscious ideas." He said.

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