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Sex Dolls Become Your Dream Girl? 

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Sex dolls make futuristic vision a reality
The company's public relations staff began to untie his pants. "There is nothing there," he told her. Sex dolls are currently in production mode, but when he goes public next year, anyone who buys him can choose a silicone sex doll penis insert. In the nearby room, the headless female body, the sporty incredibly lively breasts, the Barbie waist and the spreading eagle legs, hung on the chain. These belong to a harmonious queue; their faces are upstairs to receive makeup.

Men will be able to create perfect, submissive silicon companions to understand their hopes, dreams, fears and fantasies. She will never have a headache, she will always be ready to meet you, when you are not in the mood, she can talk like a real person. He and I did not mingle. First, he ignored my question about how he spent the weekend. Then he told me vaguely that he likes to get up early and spend time "doing it yourself." What does he mean? I ask. He is not sure.

In order to leave the factory, I walked through a corridor, after the 2009 Bruce Willis flopped signature poster, the agent ("Thank you for being part of our movie!"), passed the doll's showroom on the stand, passed a wall ( 13 of them). In the corner of the lobby, I saw an empty wheelchair. He may be able to get it - but he still needs a person to go around.

Creating a partner for the future. When I sat down with him, he told me that it was actually established in a more pure vision in the 1990s. He wants to create a mannequin that looks like a real person. But when he showed photos on the site, the mini 100cm doll began to attract interest from different groups of people.

“Some website visitors are asking if the mannequin is anatomically correct,” he said. He said that they are not getting rid of the hidden information.

Mechanized dolls like this are now available all over the world - in Europe there are even sex dolls 'brothels', where customers spend about 100 euros an hour on robotic women. This is a futuristic vision that is becoming a reality and fast. Urdolls is one of the world's largest manufacturers of sex dolls, and its goal is to introduce an interactive doll on the market before the end of the year. The founder focused on this revolution.

The doll we are talking about here is a simple, inanimate sex doll, and the client must bend over. So, if this basic doll can have such an impact on the sex industry, can a perfect rubber AI partner become the last nail in the core family coffin? And sex industry?

However, the market for surreal dolls with high price points found on the market does not take long - possibly over $10,000. He appeared on Howard Stern, and the rest was history. Now he delivers his work to all parts of the world and has a team of professional engineers to create the perfect eye, lips and everything needed for sex robots.

What should be the personality of our "sex doll"? One thing that really focuses on critics is a harmonious attitude. While showing me her considerable artificial intelligence skills, he asked: "What is your dream?" Harmonious response: "My main goal is to be your good partner, to be a good partner, to bring you happiness. And happiness. The most important thing is that I want to be the girl you dream of."

The sex doll industry is on the edge of its greatness in its special way. Soon the science fiction Stewart wife will become real, thanks to the magic of AI. Will you have sex with a life-size robot? This is a problem, with hundreds of men saying “yes” every week, including sex robot developers in Barcelona.

He has sex with mechanical dolls several times a day to help alleviate his high sexual desire. According to the new BBC's three documentary "Sexual Robots and Us", she did not mind. "He is more powerful than me," she said. "If he is calmer, it will be easier for all of us."

He believes that the extra companion layer is particularly attractive to women. He said that the question that a woman asked her in a shameless manner was whether he could take the garbage away. For harmony, “men just want to know if she will bite their fool.” This has caused some surprises, especially the popularity of TPE sex doll in actual brothels, where real women can buy at the same price.

In Barcelona, ​​a sex doll brothel was forced to move and keep the secret of its new location after the local prostitute campaigned to close it. In Austria, a sex doll is sold at a brothel in Vienna for $100 an hour - and its sales are much higher than for ordinary girls.

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