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Sex Dolls Are Designed to Mimic Human Skin 

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Sex dolls look like real people

The documentary film Love Me, the sex doll maker in Love My Doll, said: "Some people benefit from these dolls, just as some people benefit from the insoles in their shoes. Everyone has no problems with their feet, but some People will do this. Everyone has no social interaction problems, but some people will do so."

"I have a lot of friends living there. I fully understand. This is the location of an industrial area. There are no children here. If you see children here, I will be shocked." In addition, orgasm is healthy. As Matt from the "men and dolls" reminds us, "It is better to have sex with a Japanese sex doll shaped like a real woman than to never make love."

In other words, if you belittle their empty eyes, they look like real people. “This is what customers see when they enter the bedroom,” he explained. Welcome to the sex doll world, where customers can pay in hours or half an hour to have sex with real sex dolls.

“I found this to be lack of confidence. Over the years, there have been many good people coming here. They are looking for something that cannot judge them,” he said. This is not the first TPE sex doll brothel in North America. It is not even the first one to open in Toronto. Sexual doll brothel is a "pre-purchase adult doll rental" service, opened in an industrial area in North York for a year, and there is no big fanfare.

They offer a variety of female dolls for 30 minutes in private rooms for $80 (yes, the dolls are thoroughly disinfected after each guest). The customer can then choose to buy the doll for more than $4,000. All of his dolls are made of silicone and mixed with a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), which is "closest to reality."

"The skin is very good, right?" he said. Customers typically pay $80 in 30 minutes, but $120 per hour for repeat customers. The company can also make calls for $300, which allows customers to play on toys for 90 minutes.

Although the brothel operates quietly on Finch Avenue. The region has been the most popular since May 2017, and plans to open a silicone doll "brothel" in North York on September 8 has recently caught the attention of the media.

He believes that the customer base of sex doll - mainly male, although he recently had his first couple, wants to have sex with the doll out of curiosity. It is said that urdolls offers six different "elegant, refined, adventurous" (fake) women, made of high quality silicone, designed to mimic the feel of natural human skin.

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