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New Sex Doll Brothel Gets Permission 

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Sex dolls to test male responses during mating

At present, the Clark County law enforcement department is conducting an investigation and suspects that it operates a sex doll business without a license. I got a license to run an educational institution back in 2016, but the sex doll brothel is fine, which is the opposite of what I said. They run under the name of "learning center" but have beds, sofas, TVs, strippers and even bundled equipment inside-very educational.

The Las Vegas Review Magazine reported that the "real sex doll experience" changed its website as soon as it was investigated. Before the update, the site wanted customers to "indulge in the ultimate sex experience", but the site was updated the next day Ask buyers to "try them before they buy" sex dolls. A Japanese company has begun funerals for unwanted sex dolls-for up to £ 630 at a time. Before the dismantling, a portrait of the dummy is taken, and then the worker can read the address of the letter to the doll.

The owner received a GYNOID doll as a souvenir, and the rest was discarded. The funeral was held in Higashiosaka, Osaka. The company says on its website, "Love dolls are born to be loved," and many owners don't want to just throw their dolls into the trash because it's not just "a simple thing."

The services were hosted by porn star Rei Kato, who then destroyed and discarded life-sized dolls in the machine. But those who don't want to shred the bodies of their loved ones can buy the most expensive funeral plan, which allows them to watch the Japanese sex doll being broken up. Photos posted on the company's website show young or childlike female dolls completely surrounded by flowers or bunches of flowers. People should not be ashamed of sex dolls, nor should they be hidden in the closet. I think that is about to change.

These dolls are now available for sale on the brothel's website. Prices range from € 850 for a doll with an A cup to € 1,000 for a Pregnant sex doll with a D cup. If a typical male encounters many females of different sizes, which is due to the species' abnormal wintering habits, and may not be able to mate with all these females, then he should prefer to mate with larger females, "in the summary Write experiments in conversation.

His team used a 3D printer to create two artificial female "sex dolls" to test male responses during mating. One male sex doll is a little smaller than the average size, and the other doll is close to the largest recorded female turtle size. The new sex doll brothel is licensed and operating in Clark County, the studio is a "mobile sex social lifestyle club," but residents are not happy with it.

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