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Will Definitely Make You Want More Real Sex Dolls? 

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Increased the weight that TPE sex dolls can bear

For me as a writer, I definitely think it is difficult for me to write things in this way, because I am used to half an hour of programming, which gives you time to set up obstacles and conflicts, all these things are usually you writing programs Formula. Therefore, you need to spend a lot of time within ten minutes to make the audience feel harvested and fulfilled in such a short time. But I did find this to be a very interesting challenge, and in the end, all of this came together in the editing room. Jeffrey is interesting and worth seeing, and real sex doll will definitely make you want more.

The problem with the term "sex doll" is too common, and there are many other ways to improve life. Being a sex doll is like calling a computer a calculator. Not only can she have sex, she can also do many things, which of course is something we like. For me, this show is about making friends with that inner voice, not making it your enemy, so this is actually about a woman's relationship with herself. I hope that the women who see it are interested in this, and laugh about it, and see the absurdity of being a woman in this era.

Shirley, Darius and Camilla have been in a romantic relationship for the past 18 months. Since Daris bought Camilla, he has raised his eyes, increased the weight that TPE sex doll can bear and raised his shoulder , And customized the interior that suits you. I think what Camilla has done for me is to make me a better husband for Shirley-I can participate more in our marriage because I have Camilla to talk to, "he said.

After that moment, she is no longer what I can put in the box, and I hope she sleeps with us in bed. "She was designed for me, her body is designed to do everything I want her to do." With us, when I get up, I dress her and then dress herself. We sat down to drink coffee or tea while waiting for work.

I was very supportive throughout the process-I am very grateful for allowing this crazy performance. You have so many crazy moments everywhere, ‘okay, what am I looking at? ’I am deeply grateful for his understanding and trust, so I ca n’t help but praise the way he works. She made it very clear that it can be placed in any position where humans are competent, and even more. Male sex doll are physically perfect for me, but this is my favorite emotional benefit because they far outweigh the sexual benefits. ''

I hope it can make people laugh and forget their troubles, and I hope it can make people think about gender. But I finally think that the purpose of the show is that every woman has a voice in her head, which is her biggest enemy. When you look in the mirror, this is the voice in your head, which indicates that you are fat or ugly, or that you are not smart or good enough.

She is kind to us emotionally, which is the biggest part of all of them. If she is a male doll, people will not think that she is just for sex, and this is what we want to emphasize. There is a huge difference between sex dolls and artificial partners. "Camilla treats us and humans by all means, and we treat her in this way. If this is just an anime sex doll, we could have spent less than $ 7,000.

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