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spleen antibody production 

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In contrast to rabbit hybridoma technology available in other leading companies, Creative Biolabs has built up a unique rabbit monoclonal antibody production platform based on our unparalleled expertise in phage display antibody library technology. We generate rabbit antibody libraries and select high affinity antigen-specific antibodies by phage display following Dr. Christoph Rader's methodology. Usually, two or more rabbits of the b9 allotype are immunized with one antigen. Total RNA from spleen lymphocytes and bone marrow cells are purified, and then the first-strand cDNAs are synthesized. cDNA from spleen and bone marrow samples derived from multiple groups of animals immunized by different antigens can be pooled to make a unified library for all the antigens. Chimeric rabbit/human Fab libraries are made in our pC Display phagemid vectors by fusing rabbit Vκ/Vλ to human Cκ and rabbit VH to human CH1 of human IgG1. spleen antibody production

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