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glycopeptide analysis by mass spectrometry 

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With time passing by, more and more people are interested in cataloging the glycan structures, glycoproteins, specific sites modified and deciphering the biological functions of glycosylation. Glycosylation of proteins is related to cell–cell adhesion, immune defense, cellular recognition and pathogen binding, which is one of the most common and complex post-translational modifications. Glycopeptide-based analysis is using to call attention to researchers on one or more glycoproteins. The important attractive characteristic of this method is its ability to link glycosylation information to glycosylation sites on proteins. The techniques used to characterize glycopeptides are still spring up, research concentrated on facilitating aspects of glycopeptides analysis has evolved obviously in the areas of sample preparation, MS fragmentation, and automation of data analysis at present. Creative Proteomics have a strict workflow to do glycopeptides analysis to meet your requirements.
glycopeptide analysis by mass spectrometry

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