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There has been a lot of controversy over legislators trying to ban different kinds of sex dolls, sex doll brothels, and sex doll workshops, but it’s a budding industry as a seemingly acceptable replacement for women who would rather be raging, angry, overweight, discontent, man-hating harridans.

She shared that her beauty journey essentially started with disappointment with her A-cup breasts, which prompted her to go under the knife to get her boobs enhanced to large DD cup. She further gained and lost weight over the years, with her boobs eventually growing to a GG, so that she now feels much like a cheap sex dolls with its “big lips, big boobs and sexy look”.

That’s right, you’ll operate and pimp out lifelike sex dolls in the game Plastic Love. Your objective will be to build, repair, and maintain the little sex dolls in the whorehouse of inanimate objects. The game is fairly meta given that in the realm of 3D simulators, there’s really no difference between a 3D entity that’s supposed to be “alive” and a 3D entity that’s supposed to be a “robot”.

It’s all 3D any which way you cut it and they aren’t real! “I’m business-minded, independent and family-oriented, but like to look like a sex doll ! I’m an enigma”, Cindy remarked, adding that the reason she rarely dates is that some men take interest in the “persona, not the real me”.

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