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The test gun was my full size Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm. Since I already have a set of red HTPOW green laser pointer grips for this gun, I was able to simply attach the HTPOW to the accessory rail and easily switch between the red and green lasers. The iron sights are a set of "i-dot" style tritium night sights.The HTPOW has four different modes; laser only, light only, laser and light, and laser with strobing light. So for the runs in the dark, I switched over to "light only" mode when shooting with the irons and the red laser.
Many inexpensive laser pointers do not have an IR filter, and therefore can be dangerous.Always buy laser products from reputable companies who explicitly state their compliance with both the FDA and ANSI.Green laser products are equipped with high-quality IR filters to ensure the safety of you and your students.

The first benefit of the laser pointer is found in its design. Because the Tactical Laser was designed by military weapons engineers, users know that they're getting a superior product. In addition to being designed by experts, the laser also uses superior material in its design. The Tactical Laser is made from aerospace grade aluminum, making it light, but extremely durable.

Everyone has a red laser pointer, right? I remember when the price of these first started to go down. Maybe this was one of the first things I ordered through the internet. I still have this old beast of a red laser pointer (I like it because it uses AAA batteries rather than those button cell ones). Even though these blue burning laser pointer are everywhere.

To see this more precisely, take a look at the diagram above comparing 1 watt lasers. A green 1 watt laser at 88% apparent brightness has a visual hazard distance of 25.5 NM, while a blue 1 watt laser with 3% apparent brightness has a visual hazard distance of 4.8 NM.The nice thing about lasers is that they produce light of just one color. So, what happens when just red light hits different surfaces?
The final consideration is be careful of the mw rating on your 2000mw Laser .If you are using it in the USA, the laser pointer MUST be rated LESS THAN 5mw to be legal to buy and use without a permit and this must be printed on the warning label that goes on the laser pointer.Anything greater than this is illegal in the USA without a special permit and if you are importing it, your laser risks being seized in customs and you can lose all your money.Also lasers with power higher than 5mw can be very dangerous and are not safe to use without special safety equipment and taking special precautions.
These days a third color of laser pointer has entered the fray (ignoring the very expensive 'True Blue' models, mind you). This is the 405nm wavelength Violet/Blue laser pointer.405nm is not as visible as the 532nm Green Laser pointers, but 405nm does have other advantages.More fun, however, is what happens when you point the Violet/Blue laser pointer at popular Glow-In-The-Dark toys.


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