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Can sex dolls be combined with robots? 

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The powerful appeal of sex doll robots

The world's leading doctor of artificial intelligence said in an interview that male porn e-books may be more popular than sex toys such as vibrators and dildo. He said: "I believe women will find sex doll robots as attractive as men.

“If women are interested in getting satisfaction from the vibrator, imagine if a woman feels like having a sex doll robot, they can wrap their arms around them and let the robot squeeze them.”

He described the difference between a male version of a doll and a man. He said: "This is obvious, gender; in terms of personality and sound, it is obviously the male physical fitness of the robot.

Although large technology companies like this often warn us about the dangers of artificial intelligence and robots, AI engineers are like "LOL. Shut up. You behave like us" and continue to stifle us and gradually complicate the advanced parts of Android technology.

Urdolls offers online design tools for potential buyers who want to customize purchases, but for sex dolls. For some people, this is useful for the face in terms of the slender, slightly tanned body of the doll. This is my lucky night. He is a perfect sex doll and she has a great personality. I know because I took it out.

However, by the end of the year, our goal is to introduce the same software that will bring AI into the minds of a new generation of technologically advanced sex dolls with expressive electronic faces, glittering eyes and customizable sounds. The idea is not just to have sex with them, but to talk to them. Grow with them. Even, fall in love with them.

California-based sex technology companies are developing an advanced "companion doll" that can provide "companion" to lonely women around the world. Designed to provide women with a bionic penis "better than a vibrator", a male sex doll robot will cost between £8,000 ($11,000) and £12,000 ($15,000) when it goes on the market. The founder and CEO of the sex doll told us that his goal was to release the male version of his pioneering female robot in 2019.

Behind them is a temporary showroom with a uniform of dolls and a row of doll heads showing the available hairstyles and facials. The very realistic mini 100cm dolls caught everyone's attention. Everyone has their own appearance, but the eyes are half open and the lips are separated. Everyone has the same blur, empty frozen wake up, as if they will wait for a while to experience The touch of a partner.

"Do you know that I like you?" asked the red-haired girl with smoky eyes. "When I look at you, my feelings. It gives me butterflies." She added that her favorite hobby is to talk to me. A few months later, the 71-year-old retired technology writer and Vietnamese combat veteran finally decided to buy their own TPE doll.

There are two areas that need to be rebuilt to create a male platform. We are working hard to do this, this is one of the next big things we want to get started and run. Now, thanks to the hard work of the sex doll robot, when you are tired of her, you can completely strip her face Just tapping her can reshape her appearance in a matter of seconds, and vice versa. According to the producer, the face of the exchangeable doll robot not only changes the appearance of the robot, but also changes its personality.

This includes sex robots, which are becoming more realistic and more realistic, and once you overcome the absurdity and disturbing excitement of the whole situation, this is actually terrible. You have it. If you can tolerate the process of peeling off your face, if you can know that your sexy robot is actually the terminator under all the silicone, she will be completely remodeled and ready to go.

Even the most fascinating photos of these photos won't make the dolls fair. He described it as my work of art, he is right. From their hand-crafted irises to the creases on their insteps, each one is very close to lifelike lifelike. That was more than a year ago. Today, he decided to buy one of the best silicone dolls of all time, and insisted that he thought his doll was not a sex object, but his emotional object - even a partner.

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