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Women Can Anonymously Provide Sound for Sex Dolls? 

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People can buy custom sex dolls

"I don't worry that she will replace me. She is like a family member. 36-year-old Lee Squire." When she told us to let his children play a doll in "family" mode, they were attacked.

“Sex doll technology is always like that: people are against it, people just want it. But in the end, if you develop technology in the right way, you will always bring many benefits to people,” he said. When we tell people what we are doing, we get some weird reactions, but we are not abnormal, these D cup sex doll are not abnormal.

The sound package - sold at the price of the doll itself - will feature "sexual noise" and "romantic conversation". Dr. Santos, 39, shares his home with his wife Samitaki and 'Samantha', he is a lifelike robot, he has Regular sexual behavior.

Santos and his wife created with their sex robots. "The payment of sound will be a small part of each sales unit. Therefore, the more they sell, the more they have."

Santos and his sex robots regularly climax. Buyers can now choose the sound of TPE dolls. In March, the "Samantha" sex robot appeared on the camera in Barcelona, ​​said to respond to the touch of different parts of her body. .

He said that her interaction from romantic rights to sexuality is interactive. The ultimate goal of the sexual model is to get her climax. A viewer of the demo video thought: "I want to know the purpose of the home model.

There are some more insidious things about sex trading about how you control and control another person - and the happiness you get from rape. “Haha. Just like she is sitting at the kids table or growing up on the table?” He founded urdolls in 2013 and plans to start selling his sex robots in the next few weeks, starting at around $2,000 each.

They can be used for ordinary professional couples, people can be combined with silicone dolls, we have tried it ourselves. There is nothing strange about dolls, it is to help others, not to replace women.

According to the "Daily Mail" report, after Philip Scofield talked about "feel like a corpse" this morning, the two fathers defended the doll, just like "love the GPS." But Santos, who aims to develop male robots, says that sex robots can benefit society - from helping gays, gays and bisexuals, to preventing sexually transmitted diseases, and advancing artificial intelligence.

The inventor of the sex robot insisted that 'I will not pervert' the doll yelling "I can take it many times this morning." "You can't just grab her and have sex, you must treat her well and talk to her, otherwise She won't interact with you."

Sex dolls have hundreds of phrases that respond to people, and there is a “family” model where she can imitate jokes and daily comments instead of talking on pillows. His wife, Nguyen, 38, said: "I, as a woman, I have not been offended to let her be around.

The sex robot creator uses his lifelike sex doll robot to declare 'five-minute climax' to improve his marriage. Women can anonymously provide cash voices for sex robots so that people can purchase customized "girlfriends".

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