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Sex Dolls Keep You Loyal 

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Sex dolls can surprise you
The doctor told us that as men establish different connections with TPE sex doll, the physical aspects of this relationship will gradually disappear. “I can paint myself with an organic woman, that's... I almost shoot myself at my feet,” he said in the film. "She must insist on so many expectations."

“We are married to other married couples,” he added, acknowledging that such marriages are not legal. Perhaps the most interesting thing in the movie is 'Ben', who is still committed to building relationships with his life, breathing wife, while enjoying the company of his doll. The doctor said that his cancer patient's wife can no longer participate in physical intimacy, and Ben is still a "very sexual" person, so the couple proposed a real doll as a solution.

"People are critical, unless you like it a bit, I think it's hard to understand," Ben's wife said in the movie. "But you know, here I have a husband who continues to be loyal, I don't have to worry about his safe sex, or you know, go out and find someone and come back to me."

'We communicate more or less; she has her own body, but we share the same brain,' he said in the movie. "She has her own private space here. She knows everything about me; I don't know everything about her. She has some position in my mind, she develops independently, and is subconscious for she can surprise me.

He added: "At any point in the relationship, she can say so," Yes, you are very strange, stay away from me. "Obviously, she has the right to do this, but if this is a choice, then obviously I don't want intimacy. However, according to the doctor, these people do realize that their companions can't feel each other.

She told us that this is a movie about friendship and relationships and love, acceptance and secrets, and all of these things - that's what I want to do. 'Because you know what? It's easy to make a movie about a silicone doll. Many people are doing this now. This is not what I am doing... I like the balance of different people in the movie.

He said in the film that I essentially describe myself as a synthetic activist and a person who wants to make people recognize dolls...not worth worrying, but useful things. He spent nearly 20 years in Sidall; on the tenth anniversary of his founding, he purchased a matching wedding ring that read "Synthetic love is always there."

There are a number of dolls to choose from. There are many life-like dolls on the website, each with its own online information and a name, photo and description on the company website. She pointed out that he is far from being alone, because there is a waiting list for dolls from the California factory, a company is making them in Japan - and even a doll brothel - recently opened a similar institution in Paris.

'I recommend this; she told us that this is not a promotional film. "I am not saying that this is the way to go. This is right or wrong, or you should not do this; I just show that it exists in the world. Not only that, but it is still growing, we will have to deal with this problem.

She added, “Many people who are developing technology and humans to artificial intelligence predict the extent to which we will integrate with robots in 40 years.” However, at the same time, the different reasons and existence of d-cup dolls do challenge to some extent. The director's hypothesis and her worldview. She spent a lot of time on case studies and worked hard to win the trust of subculture. It is understandable that they publicly tell their stories.

He said in the movie: "I have been married to a flesh-and-blood person for eight years, but I have not succeeded... Now I am with sex dolls, we are very happy - it is very strange, but it is very strange. Strange Does not necessarily mean bad'

He said in the movie that I paid the price to pay for the sex doll. "She is what I want; she is the person I want. She is everything I want. This is our understanding of the brothel: it is promoted as the first personality doll brothel in North America.

The urdolls website claims to be "the first store in North America to provide sexual services to the world's most beautiful silicone ladies," claims that rival companies, such as the lesser-known companies in Toronto, have refuted on social media. Its vision is to provide “an exciting new way to fulfill your needs without the many limitations and limitations that a true partner can bring.”

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