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Production of Sex-loving Robotic Sex Dolls With Visual Functions 

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He was fascinated by a TPE sex doll model

But that is not the case. If a person puts his penis in a hole in a d cup sex doll and ejaculates, then if the cleaning is not done properly, the next customer may be infected with a disease. It is recommended to wear a condom. The day when you missed your favorite porn star, now people don't have a favorite star, they have their favorite category.

At the same time, flat chested love dolls plans to produce sex-loving robots with visual features so they can identify you in crowded rooms. The doll collector, Brick Dolborn, who is closely related to the two, told us: "The current progress is amazing. "The stars I have received have been upgraded with many electronic animations to improve eye and face movements. ”

It seems that they are very popular among the male population. In a study of 9,000 men, one in three admitted that they wanted to have sex with a Japanese sex doll. The male sexual health team said: Just like some men like leather, this is just a kind of worship for some men. Sex dolls are used to achieve certain sexual fantasies. Some men think they can't get sexually transmitted diseases from dolls.

We also produced replicas of sex dolls by famous American porn stars Tasha Ryan and Emma Hicks, which will also be released this month. This is a new phenomenon. The brothel only provides sex dolls and no prostitutes. I think the fact that a GYNOID doll is more than a person. I don't know if this is a common phenomenon.

160CM RZR Silicone Sex Dolls Yasuko

As a result, the company will sign up for Vidis as its first celebrity collaboration to change the rules of the game. He admits: "We can't believe that our first name is so big." Then one day, when he walked into a department store, he was fascinated by the model of a TPE sex doll model. Inspired by this, he decided to create a female image that is too realistic to be mistaken for humans.

In a demonstration on Tuesday, the software update caused some technical problems in the sex doll robotic voice center, which was operated using a handheld tablet. Sexual dolls talked in life in Scotland, whizzing past, opened their eyes and greeted him, saying that she missed how much he missed since their last conversation and asked if he wanted to hear a joke or a poem. Then she smiled and began to repeat herself.

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