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The Sex Doll Industry Is Constantly Evolving? 

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Sex dolls will become more realistic
Although sex doll have evolved from more primitive blasting dolls often cited in popular culture to anatomically correct, life-size silicone models, the industry is still evolving, and companies like urdolls are making fine-tuning techniques and artificial intelligence. Production. The doll is more realistic

A new commercial ad itself is the first personality doll broth in North America - customers can pay for sex with high-tech, silicone models - expected to open at the low-profile strip mall square in the northern end of Toronto early next month.

A husband from New Jersey, whose sick wife agreed to let him use silicone substitutes - and their life with dolls. Comparable brothels have been opened in other parts of the world, just like in Europe, some people are on these brothels Concerns about the possible role of women in the dehumanization and objectification. The owners who chose to remain anonymous initially got their idea after visiting Japan (according to their marketing director). Shops of silicone doll type are becoming more and more popular in Japan.

He said: "I have been married to a flesh-and-blood person for eight years, and I have not succeeded... Now I am with sex doll, we are very happy - this is very strange, but it is very strange. Strange is not necessarily It means bad things. The reaction to him is a bit mild.

During a trip to the zoo with one of his "wife", the long-time staff was full of praise for his friendly manner, and the strangers chattered. Contradictions or supportive responses usually come from places that may not be possible; for example, his boss highly values ​​his unconventional regulars.

She added: "It's hard to imagine a documentary about a sex doll that creates empathy." When she studied her subjects and spent time with me, she said: "I realize that everyone has a need or desire for love or Be loved - I think this is the real meaning, and it only takes time to see the time spent with people, because the first time you heard it, it was a bit shocking. And... John And his wife Jackie, I mean, I know very well that he has too much love to give.

He said that although the TPE sex doll is his wife, the couple also participated in "hierarchical diversification" with another doll: "Basically, this means, just like we love each other," he is in the movie. Said in the middle. "It's all equal, but Sidall will always be my wife."

However, for all his protests, he clearly realized that his lover was a doll; he separated them and explained the mechanics of the film, as well as cleaning up the eyebrows of him and the sex doll. She added: "This is why I said that this is a win-win situation, as long as he is happy and he is safe. He has not done anything wrong. I am fine. I am really."

However, she asked her to spend some time before "meeting" the doll - but eventually she began to dress her husband. Especially Marina, proved particularly useful through their personal struggles. “On one level, they know they are not real; she tells urdolls that they will show you the mechanics, the way they work, the mind, etc.” But on another level, when they talk about dolls, you will feel them I really believe that these dolls are real people, real humans.

"The car may crash, so I don't plan to get on the bus:" This is my recent thought. The urdolls website also states: "Our dolls can be used for safe vaginal, anal, oral and breast sexual behavior. Each hole has a different, unique texture, ridge and tightness that gives you a strong feeling even through the real Infiltration is also impossible."

According to the doctor, she likes this doll very much; he thinks he is the pioneer of this relationship - and this is just the beginning. The way we think about taste - a person who likes blonde hair or red hair - then prefers inanimate objects. "They live in the middle of the relationship between fantasy and reality - sex dolls are the reality of objects, and they are the fantasies of women who care about them, have personality and history."

Among them is a d cup sex doll with dark hair, she is promoted as "fullness, romance, spontaneous", and Scarlett is a blonde, is simply "absolute American dream." Sex dolls refer to their workers as " Elegant, sophisticated, adventurous ladies, they are “planned for discerning gentlemen.” The company says their dolls lasted about six months and allowed customers to do whatever they want for the dolls within a reasonable range. Things - as long as it is not violent or disturbing. (The urdolls also have women requesting male dolls and want to add them to their list.)

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