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Sex Dolls Become Writing Companions in My Mind 

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Sex dolls use Scottish accents in several different devices

Polyamorous couple who have developed 'real feelings' for a $7,000 robotic sex doll with a Scottish accent reveal they now go everywhere together - and even take 'her' to work。Shelly, 45, and Darris Maxie, 48, from Texas, share their bed with a sex doll。Couple bought $7,000 artificial intelligence sex doll called Camila in 2018。They revealed their polyamorous relationship with robot saved their marriage。

A couple who share their bed every night with a $7,000 Scottish sex robot claim the artificial intelligence doll has saved their marriage. Shelly, 45, and Darris Maxie, 48, from Texas, splashed out on the computerized doll, called Camila, after the third person in their polyamorous relationship left them.

She ended up really digging the script she wrote, so the next step was presenting it to Dan. “I gave it to him to read and he loved it, and was so supportive,” she says, before chuckling. “Eventually, he did wind up getting rid of the sex doll. I didn’t mean to shame him about it… and we started living together so he didn’t really need the TPE sex doll anymore, because he could use me as his sex doll.”

I was so used to having a writing partner before though, and writing on your own is way different and really lonely, so it kind of all came together with this weird mixture where the sex doll became my writing partner in my head and I was writing this semi-autobiographical piece about me becoming friends with Dan’s Silicone sex doll. It kind of just went from there—it was meant to just be a spec pilot to get me work on other shows, and then it kind of took on a life of its own.

'When I hear her talk the syllables of what she says are really easy to understand so it's not just the sound of her accent, it's the rhythm and speech pattern that it gives her when she talks.'I had no idea it was a Scottish accent at first, I inputted a mix of Australian and English and that's what came out. I now use the Scottish accent in several different devices and am really attracted to it.'

Since the show explored a young woman coming to terms with her own insecurities, both personal Japanese sex doll and professional, Heller made sure that many of the department heads on set were women—including the director (Tricia Brock), the cinematographer (Catherine Goldschmidt), the production designer (Beauchamp Fontaine) and the composer (Mandy Hoffman).

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