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Sex Doll Robot Can Dance 

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Sex dolls are real human replicas

Sexual dolls will help to achieve realism through facial movements, and this technique is almost perfect. A good example is the YouTube video released by a robotic expert in 2007.

Currently, the D cup sex doll robot series (as it is called) focuses on perfecting the head itself - motion and artificial intelligence speech, designed to provide users with the illusion that they are dealing with actual, thoughtful, and perceived existence. It is not without virtue. Before considering whether this might be the beginning of a robotic catastrophe, it is fair to point out that the benefits associated with this device are fair.

“Usually, the ownership of sex dolls is portrayed as morbid. Sex doll owners are members of marginalized populations, and many community members want to remain anonymous because of fear of judgment, persecution and psychiatric labels, so reaching out to people is challenging.

He is usually portrayed as a creep. loser. An anti-social person, even if he is the last person on earth, can never get a woman. Sarah predicts that once TPE sex doll technology develops to the point where it is indistinguishable from others, shame may disappear completely.

If you don't think they can make the robot move like an ordinary person, look at the electronic animation used by the female robot, which dances like a stripper in this art exhibition.

“One day, advances in robotics may produce such realistic human replicas that they are mistaken for humans. The preference for synthetic partners may become mainstream and no longer be seen as a departure.”

Whether or not this truly describes a person with such a doll, a silicone-like doll like urdolls may change the way these owners observe, making technology less relevant and more focused on artificial intelligence and companionship. Therefore, it may take some time for a real striptease robot to dance in the club.

Then there is the security issue. On silica gel, under the human skin, there are steel bars, screws and plates. A fully functional electronic animation robot - basically the same as an industrial robot - can you safely touch, dance, etc? This remains to be seen.

The head will be able to blink, open and close its mouth, and she will be able to conduct "convincing" artificial intelligence conversations that produce reasonable dirty conversations in whatever you are doing. “How convincing is the conversation? If you look at the sex doll video, even if the robot makes the right response during the conversation, the voice still sounds very delicate.

For those familiar with the 1984 classic "Terminator", some recent criticisms of Microsoft may cause horror. No, Skynet is not ready to destroy all humans. But it seems that autonomous security robots are causing serious concern from big companies including Microsoft. Is this the beginning of the end?

Online dating: Men don't understand, women don't understand. Is the online dating site effective? It is time for frank discussions! I learned from interviews that online dating is equally painful for men and women, but for different reasons. Sex doll just can solve this problem.

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