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The Experience of Sex Dolls Is Very Realistic 

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Silicone dolls need to be kept clean

Some of these toys have been successful and some toys cannot be sold. In 2009, a silicone sex doll's device was launched - this is a male device related to porn videos that simulates what the actor feels on the screen in real time. According to the comments of the Science and Technology News website, this experience is very realistic.

In the last two films, filmmakers explored an interesting concept: whether humans would fall in love and want to have sex with artificial intelligence or robots. Of course, this is not the first time people have been complacent after artificial human entities. As artificial intelligence and robots become more advanced, some people claim that the mini 100cm doll designed for love and sex is finally close to reality. For example, in his book "Love and Robotic Sexual Behavior", David Levy estimates that by 2050, the marriage robot will normalize.

According to the "Daily Star" report, this sexy robot - "has a long-lasting memory" can recall the characteristics of the user - will be launched next month - customized to order, and can be customized.

First, they have to make something to stand up. Sex dolls and other humanoid forms are now heavy (real dolls can weigh up to 47 kilograms (105 pounds)) and cannot support their weight. Sex robots must not only be able to stand, but also be able to move and position their limbs independently. This is not a trivial task. Robotics experts are still working to replicate smooth human movements.

Robots also need realistic skin.- Silicone needs to be kept clean. Copying is not just the irregularity of the human skin, but its feeling, flexibility and giving, its stretch and tone, really hard. In October last year, researchers in Singapore announced that they had developed artificial skin that could feel the pressure. What people often mean when talking about sex robots is that robots take humanoid form

Some people say that an app will help men connect with their dolls, which can be synchronized with the robot. A new sex doll has been filmed to answer questions, claiming to be the first porn robot to be able to talk. As the sex doll industry moves forward, sex dolls are said to further blur the line between humans and robots.

Sex doll robots and artificial intelligence dolls will influence the economic, social and personal organization of advanced industrial economies. It is not just in the United States. The 2nd Annual Academic Conference on Love and Sexual Robotics should be held in Malaysia in November 2015. The 2nd International Conference on Robot Love and Sex in 2016.

These are all interesting and difficult technical issues. Someone is dealing with all of these issues separately. But in reality it takes a huge team, full of engineers, robots, sex toy designers, computer scientists, etc. to create a convincing sex robot. "For a single genius, they are not simple enough.

Sex robots are sex TPE doll, not devices - a much more complex prospect. “Sex robots will need to bring together multiple disciplines, from nanotechnology to replicating non-uniform skin textures to artificial intelligence with natural language understanding,” said a reporter who is responsible for the intersection of law and technology. Making truly satisfying sex robots requires a lot of technical engineering, starting from the skin, all the way to the hinge, battery life and internal processor.

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