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Sex dolls may bring benefits to people with autism? 

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Sex dolls may bring benefits to people with autism

As they become more popular and integrated into our culture, we want to provide people with the freedom to interact with robots, which is costly for most people. “At the forefront of the adult entertainment industry and sexual technology innovation, we want to rotate our libido to robotics, which is why TPE sex doll robots can not only imitate human-like behavior, but also become dirty, fast single Hit the button.

A filmmaker has uploaded the first sex robot to the web - and has had some interesting results. The event also claims that brothels may be suitable for people who are not satisfied with human companies. In the introductory video, he said that d cup sex doll may "provide benefits for people with autism."

“I wiped all the people who came up (like). In two hours, I experimented and artificial intelligence raised 92 games. For a punter who raised $10,000 for the event, Opportunity to fly to Los Angeles to attend the opening party and become the first person to shoot one of the dolls on “Private and Public Dates”.

Sam pointed out to her mother's "show", a row of penis-shaped toys, guns, cups and other novelties. In order to make sex robots more realistic, a company is developing robot doll heads similar to humans. The urdolls doll announced that it is developing a second generation robot head, which will add a whole new level of intimacy.

The head developed in collaboration with her is hand-painted and looks like a human. They can talk to users through Siri-style interactions and answer questions about programming databases on the Internet. Su said: "We will remain elegant, but if there is no penis, the hen will not become a hen!"

The girls giggled as they drank from a penis-like container, and he was one of the first people to shoot into her mouth with a water gun before Billy had the same thing.

The robot can participate in a public performance for free every week. In one photo, the robot looks like a woman, but the next snapshot shows the computer in her head. He went on to say: "I did a two-hour experiment on Friday night from 9:00 to 11:00 in Manhattan's Lower East Side.

The campaign for sex dolls only accumulated $2,659 in the $155,000 (£123,000) campaign - only 1%. The goal of doll brothels is those who have "wild illusions, want to explore without cheating, and are interested in deepening their relationship with technology."

The head is designed for the recently released £3,095 real silicone sex doll with textured skin for a real look and feel. For these dolls, you can choose the color of their hair, skin and eyes, and whether they have pubic hair or nails. The current cost of the head and the release date are still unclear.

He danced for sex dolls at the X-level bridal shower. He also opened with a penis-shaped gun and made a lot of shots at a shocking bridal shower. Sex dolls use machine learning to talk to users and even make dirty conversations.

Reference link:,%20central)-usa-1201_3/sex-doll-robot-head-is-under-development-197571

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