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Sex Dolls Will Create A Miracle for Your Personal Happiness 

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The sex doll industry is booming
The Toronto-based Sexual Robotic Brothel plans to open another location in Houston. Some critics believe that the spread of sex robots can lead to an increase in prostitution and sex trade. Others say that this technology can help some people find a certain degree of urgent need to accompany.

As I mentioned before, there are mini and full-size versions of sexual dolls. There are no international standards when the size of the dolls makes them "mini dolls", but usually they are often less than 100 cm high (about 39 inches). mini 100cm doll are my favorite because they are very easy to position around the house and they allow for a unique location.

So how much is a sex doll? The cost of different gender dolls varies greatly. Different models, urdolls high-end silicone sex doll are priced at around $3,000. Mid-range dolls are usually in the $2,000 area, and cheap dolls can be found even in the $700 area. How much money a sex doll should cost depends largely on your budget. Some sex doll shops offer financing options, but only if you are sure you can pay them.

According to the lawyer's suggestion, the boss did not call his company "sexual robot brothel", but a realistic doll that tried to buy it first. He sold for 2,000 to 5,000 dollars.

Buying the right sex dolls will create a miracle for your personal happiness. You will appreciate your doll in a way that most people can't imagine. You will develop true feelings and build a true partnership between you and her. And, of course, when you fuck your sex doll, you will have the best sex life in your life. This is not only because of the obvious physical appeal of high-end dolls, but also because of the emotional connection I am talking about. I want passionate sex. Have sex with your loved and cherished partner. How unbelievable is the development of technology in recent years.

The first hand (in fact, many times) completed this mistake and learned the lesson from my mistakes. I feel that I am obligated to write an article about how I choose sex dolls. These skills and knowledge are not developed overnight. They were learned through a trial and error process, which is undoubtedly very painful. I have purchased nearly a dozen dolls now, and I feel more confident every time I buy. When I buy a doll now, I have never experienced the feeling of guilt and doubt. That's because I have confidence in my doll research skills.

Still, if technology can produce artificial intelligence and lifelike sex robots, the last point may soon become ineffective, because this technology can produce an unprecedented difference from the industry. High-quality dolls are often made from two main materials: thermoplastic elastomers (or TPE, commonly called), silicones, and other materials such as latex and Cyber ​​Skin, but in advanced dolls, TPE and Silicone is the two main players in the game. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages.

Who invented the sex doll? It is widely believed that sex dolls were invented by Hitler and the Nazi regime to meet the sexual needs of the German army during the Nazi invasion of Europe. After all, Hitler wants to keep the Aryans racially pure, and if the army men begin to make European women pregnant, their children will inevitably be in a mixed race. To solve this problem, Hitler provided sex dolls to the Nazi infantry, thus eliminating any need for soldiers to explore the international vagina. Or, this is what some people say.

How to choose a TPE doll? The shame surrounding the dolls is disappearing, so the sex doll industry is booming. There are more options to choose from than before, and making the right choice between all the different types of sex dolls can be a very difficult task.

As for the height of your love doll, you should consider the storage space available for your doll. Miniature dolls up to 100 cm are easier to hide and store, so if you can't use a storage solution that's as convenient as a special cabinet, then it's best to go to the mini bar. However, if you have enough space in your house to set a special position for your doll (or if you think your doll is always comfortable with you), then a full-size doll is definitely worth considering. Second, you should decide the size and weight of the doll you want to buy.

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