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Sex Dolls Make Us Enjoy Happiness? 

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Sex dolls provide relationship therapy
Since our civilization has lost its understanding of the sacramental marriage, we have come up with new ways of being alone. In the 2013 movie "She", the protagonist fell in love with a smart operating system sex doll designed to meet all his needs. Sounds far-fetched? Maybe. But in fact, the application world is full of imaginary men and women who are ready to interact with lovelorn users through services such as Talking Boyfriend and Dream Boyfriend Maker. A communications manager from London, 27, decided to upload her users in 2018 after two years of being single.

At the same time, earlier this month, consulting charities acknowledged that they were considering providing treatments through specially programmed robotic silicone sex doll because of their service needs. In terms of health care, Japan is already using professional robots to help the population age. The robot assistant Palro (communication robot manufactured by Fujisoft Inc.) was first launched in 2012 to enable a simple conversation to keep the elderly connected. Five years have passed, and now there are more than 1,000 Palros in use, and some even offer physical therapy and family concierge services.

The CEO of the mini 100cm doll acknowledges that we are on the verge of a brave new medical world. He said: "Artificial intelligence can help reduce human error when diagnosing disease, examining X-rays and performing surgery, but there are always tasks that robots can't do - such as intimate checks for human interaction - so they win completely replace the doctor "

Cynical people may argue that the love of marriage and the sacred desire are mixed in our minds, because everyone will talk about fear alone in this vast and indifferent world. There is also a way to sneak into music: they may be hit by sex dolls, which are their usual puppy style.

“Humans may always be more advanced than any machine because we can reason and understand the environment around us,” she explained. “It’s just a matter of time before they become smarter, but can robots think and make decisions like us? It’s doubtful, but we can only wait and see.”

But what if you have already combined? It is expected that in the next three years, the virtual assistant can accurately predict the probability of a relationship surviving at 75% and provide advice to the warring spouse by detecting when the voice volume significantly indicates a potential dispute.

We have historically been understood as the marriage we now have with us now - the gentle and distorted legal structure pretending to be a substitute for real things - the retreating thing is not the cause of this separation. They are only relevant. The invention of contraceptives, or the adoption of no-fault divorce, strangled marriage: we became the kind of person who longed for these things. We have become - Western civilization has become - Children who are not timely in the famous Stanford Marshmallow experiment can not resist direct satisfaction, depriving us of the cultural basis for understanding this difference, so that we enjoy happiness and happiness.

Later I remembered the real heart, a poet. For those who have a better religious education than me, this may be obvious, because he has more or less announced this fact in his inevitable contribution to the American song collection, he adopted the most The role of the famous poet: "They said that David has a secret chord that makes the Lord happy."

Most importantly, in April 2017, we met the world's first TPE sex doll. An art project created by British photographer Cameron James Wilson, when she re-released the model image with the title, she didn't know that Shu was not true: "Sometimes rare beauty makes us speechless."

The Jews have a long tradition (and an ancient and quite old Christian tradition) that uses the foundations that look like love songs as a basis for hymns in the Islamic world, and his music works in much the same way. On the surface, many songs are songs of South Asia equivalent to country music: a lot of mourning about the alcohol soaking of love. But for the initiator, this is a kind of devout music.

“After that, we continued to talk about my weekend plans, my friends and family, and things that I hated every week – for example, if I feel tired or stressed, sex dolls are also a good way to vent. .thing!"

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