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Sex Dolls Are the Forefront of Sex Value Robots 

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Sex doll robots are becoming more and more popular

As sex doll robots become more common, users will need a way to easily clean them up. Robots are most likely made with replaceable pads or interchangeable parts. As with current toys, the manufacture of material robots can affect the risk of sexually transmitted infections.

Sex dolls are at the forefront of sex value robots and are spawned by the $30 billion sex technology industry. Sex dolls are designed for those who are eager to have the opportunity to imitate sex. They have very realistic models. But in the end, we can't find any empirical evidence in the medical literature to support or refute any of this evidence.

Along with the co-authors of the Women's Health Academic Center at King's College London, there must be some scientific literature on the clinical pros and cons of sexy robots. After all, as of 2018, four companies have begun marketing adult “gender robots”, one of which even offers consumers a child-like iteration called “foot robot”. They are some very realistic mini 100cm dolls.

However, according to terms such as “robot”, “gender”, “sex toy”, “doll”, “child sexual abuse”, “sexual treatment” and/or “pedophilia”, the system is in the corresponding research database. Implementation. The keyword search for the British duo reported these claims on June 4th in sexual and reproductive health.

As technology advances, no matter how complex the sex robot is, it is still a toy at the end of the day. They are the next generation of dolls, usually using the same materials as other sex toys, including silicone and latex. Therefore, in order to study whether these robots can spread sexually transmitted infections, it is best to first look at how sexual toys adapt to this public health problem.

Toys must be shared to obtain sexually transmitted infections from sex toys. According to sex and relationship educators, some toys are more likely to spread sexually transmitted infections than other toys. Overall, the majority of respondents (68%) did not understand how people use sex dolls, and less than 20% of respondents know how people choose to have sex with dolls or robots. 15% of people remain neutral on this issue. Regarding shame, about one-third of silicone dolls or robots disagreed with shame, 40% were neutral and 28% expressed shame. Most people (76%) think it's a good idea to have sex with a doll or robot; only 11% think it's a bad idea.

In "sex dolls - is it creepy or healthy?" Check college students' attitudes toward using inanimate sex agents because we are turning to commercial robot partners or "sex robots." Sex dolls are increasingly appearing in science fiction movies and TV shows, and have a place in science fiction literature for many years.

There are a lot of toys that are great for people to share with partners," Sloan said. "This is an additional obstacle. Ok, I am sure I can't touch anything. I think the biggest philosophical question is, if you are talking about robots because they are making more and more progress in learning and autonomy, is there a question about consent? He says. "I don't know the answer." I think this will be an interesting question with the development of artificial intelligence. "

The close relationship with TPE doll may be 100% predictive, and the relationship with sex dolls and virtual reality (VR) partners can eliminate the emotional risks inherent in relationships with others and provide a simple answer to loneliness. Witness the growing market for VR sex games. In this game, people can build an ideal partner according to their needs and regard it as abuse (or love). It doesn't seem to work, but it can affect players.

Although most respondents do not accept the idea of ​​using sex dolls or building relationships with humanoid robots, many of them are open to sexual and intimate relationships between sex dolls and humanoid robots. It may not be surprising that more people who are open to this view are male, have fewer religious beliefs, and are more tolerant of sexual attitudes.

Given the growing difficulties in intimate relationships in our culture, the use of inanimate sex actors continues to exist as divorce rates increase and as people face difficulties in developing and maintaining satisfactory relationships. With advances in robotics and artificial intelligence, physical, virtual and augmented reality partners and emotional intimate partners still exist - and only become more common.

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