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Sex Doll Robots Continue to Work Around the World? 

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Sex doll robot is a simple doll cut
To date, the traditional method of making silicone sex doll parts has been to use molds and shaped castings. Creating a face for a sex doll using a 3D printer means that the assembly line process will be greatly accelerated, so the production cost of the robot will be reduced. The work of these sex robots around the world continues. In the United States, it is hoped that silicone enthusiasts will be released in time last Christmas.

"If someone starts using these brothels, the dolls can't agree, they don't have any restrictions," she told us. “We know very well what will happen, not during the party. If sex dolls become popular, customers will think [lack of restrictions] is normal.”

How do you want to meet a beautiful woman, perfect body, willing to have sex? Yes, it will cost you, but no - she is not a prostitute. She is a robot. Of course, "she" as long as the machine has sex. The latest wrinkles of plastic companion, A.I. Sexual robots are a kind of cut for a simple doll because she can talk easily, turn her head, and even have orgasm. Sounds like the future, right? She can do anything, such as telling you a joke, singing a song for you or guiding you.

While some critics worry that sex dolls, especially those with artificial intelligence, cross a dangerous boundary, Kate believes that most criticism comes from fears of unfamiliarity and discomfort in the technical field. Here are some of the things these synthesizers have: they have sensors in the expected position - face, breasts, waist, mouth, vagina - when you touch them, they creep and squat by desire. Sex dolls have the ability to reach orgasm.

However, the robotic fuselage has not yet been developed for gender robots - it developed the company's welcome and service robots - the company is creating a product for the store and restaurant as a hostess.

Sexual dolls can't do emotional work on that level, or provide the benefits of any other less obvious flesh-and-blood friends - but at the same time, your iPhone or any other countless technological advances can't be as easy as our lives. lonely.

Since the beginning of the industrial revolution, Americans have been plagued by robotic anxiety. In some service industries, these concerns have proven to be predictive. But this technology is far from perfect, although a report predicts that robots can replace human work by 2030, but most people can rest assured that their work is temporarily safe. Most people are also sex workers.

Due to the high cost performance, sex dolls are still considered expensive novelty items. Legally, they also exist in a somewhat gray place: they do not technically violate the prostitution laws of most states. Just like Barbie can change heads when you are young, TPE doll can be other people; her face is attracted by magnets, when you are tired of her appearance or when her AI ability reminds her of your mistakes, you can Change her face, voice and personality in one fell swoop.

In the summer of 2018, she flew from London to Southern California. She rented a Ford Mustang convertible and drove to the industrial park in San Marcos, a city in southern Los Angeles. Her destination is a company that produces life-size sex dolls. In her new book "Transfer: Science, Sex and Robotics," Kate describes the moment she first stared at a life-size mini 100cm doll.

Time and time again, when faced with the choice between convenience and affordability and the less obvious benefits of emotional intimacy, humans chose the former. There is no reason to believe that the sex industry will be an exception to this rule. The skeleton of the sex doll also mimics the real body to replicate the real human movement.

It can be said with certainty that the main objections of many sex workers to squat brothels are not moral or philosophical, but economic. The maintenance cost of a sex doll broth may be very high when you consider the level of cleanliness involved in ensuring that a doll meets hygienic standards for repeated use.

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