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Sex Doll Rbot Can Feel The Human Body Touch of The Whole Body? 

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Sex dolls get meaning from the user's life
The last second announcement has raised many questions and is full of anger about the nature of the business and its implications for Houston. In one scene of the documentary, Yang saw the latest invention of one of his interviewees - a small frame of torso, bursting into tears.

"What exactly is this doll?" he asked the founder. “We have to leave it to the actual age setting that the customer imagines,” Shihei said, looking uncomfortable. "Of course, I understand what you want to say. He warns that this can "get meaning from the user's life" and "turn them into zombies." It is conceivable that men will marry sex robots in the coming decades.

Whether we agree to this premise, TPE doll robots are increasing. These lifelike humanoids exist only to meet human needs, and they just become more complex. Robots can make dirty conversations, respond to people's touches, and simulate sexual behavior.

Urdolls, known for its ultra-realistic silicone sex doll, created a sex doll called XiaoMi. With it, users can create custom personalities for their dolls and then learn about them by using the mobile app. At the end of this year, it will begin selling electronic doll heads with blinking eyes, moving lips and a built-in AI chat robot engine.

The authors of Love and Sexual Robots claim that stem cell research and advances in artificial chromosomes have made it possible for babies to become a reality within 100 years. “Residents can have one in their room,” he suggested in an interview with his sex shop. There is also a doll.

“They have the potential to share these dolls. They are completely hygienic – everything is detachable, so it can be cleaned. There are many considerations for libido robots: more precisely, social isolation and the increased degree of female objectivity, and Positive potential for therapeutic use, such as people with disabilities.

The technology of sex robots has also been improved in 2018, creating a "smart skin" that allows robots to feel the whole body's human touch.

However, will 2019 bring mankind closer to the Sexual Robot Revolution for a year? For the sex robot industry, 2018 is a vibrant year, and robotic brothels have expanded from Europe to North America, the introduction of robot striptease. 2019 will bring us closer to the Sexual Robot Revolution for a year.

He declared: "I think it will be completely emotional. People will buy robots to use near their homes, a little more than 2030, they will start to become very common, but I think people will spend money just like they are today. Like a decent family-sized car, they will buy robotic robots."

Last week, a Toronto businessman announced that he would open the nation's first sex doll robotic brothel in Houston. The robotic brothel debate is about property rights, not sex. Computer software and 3D printers are almost everything that robots - human couples need to create children.

A pair of machine strippers performed at the Las Vegas Gentlemen Club, and California Sex Robotics Inc. expressed interest in making transgender robots using the company's A.I. The person in charge declared, “We do believe that the market applies not only to transgender markets, but also to any other sexual orientation of gender”.

By applying pressure to one of the sexy areas - hips, breasts, mouth, ankles or hands - the user can wake up the robot and then use a software similar to your voice system to start a dirty conversation. Smartphone, like Siri. For example, pedophilia is not a learning behavior; it is hardwired and cannot be changed. "Some pedophiles try not to offend, who don't want to hurt their children. For these people, having such a mini 100cm doll will help."

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