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Promotion and Extensive Normalization of Sex Dolls? 

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Sex dolls are special treatment for lonely humans
The rise of sex robots (animation dolls), as well as the promotion and extensive normalization of sex doll; represented by the growth of European city “sex dolls”; it is a development with moral problems in society. Although sex robots (dols with robotic or artificial intelligence functions) are not common, we should not be dissatisfied with the rise of sex robots. We believe that these represent a special treatment for lonely humans, and emerging markets in sex dolls and sex robots are harmless “sex toys”.

“When any sexual robot comes in, we are used to having sex with our partners through our computers, so the idea of ​​switching to something that looks like a partner is not such a huge shift.”

The columnist of the sex doll is also the host and producer of the podcast. This is a program about possible, not possible tomorrow. From complete absurdity to extreme possibilities, each episode presents a specific future scenario and tries to really think about how, why, when and whether it will happen.

The designer will have to dome in this incredible valley to create a convincingly authentic silicone doll. Even the best electronic animation robots can't manage. She is a futurist and science fiction writer, she says she I think that early sex robots don't seem to be completely human. “I think we are more likely to see the appearance of a cartoon first. I think how you get rid of the incredible valley problem is to make a cartoon or anime, or a video game-like face and body and look.”

Real dolls have a dedicated fan base, but they are convincing partners. The rise of sex dolls has become normalized in our society, taking a step in the prohibition of erotic dolls in the form of women and girls. The anthropomorphic dolls for women and girls have become more and more commercial.

Real TPE dolls have a dedicated fan base, many of whom are connected to each other to maintain a different aspect of a still unusual relationship. There is even a small group of "doll doctors" everywhere to repair broken real dolls. But they are still very expensive - each can run between $5,000 and $10,000, depending on the custom features you choose. The real dolls are dolls, they are convincing partners, and they are sex robots.

A true sex robot can track the user's eyes to see where they are looking, respond to the user's facial expressions, and predict and even initiate actions that the user likes. It will learn the user's favorite position and pressure, ask and answer questions during the behavior, and perform the emotional work that the sexual partner does. The mini 100cm doll has the advantage of being easy to move.

However, before exploring why, let us more specifically explain what a sex robot is. Technically, it could be any robot that you can have sex with. These devices have been in the form of sex toys, connected to applications that simulate real-world sensations, or programmable remote vibrators. Researchers at New York University said: "There are many things that are anatomically reminiscent of humans and promote a fantasy experience that is easier to practice than pornography and is easier to control than having sex with a partner." Who studies interpersonal relationships , sex and sex toys.

You can say to her: 'I am hungry, what should I eat? 'She will say: 'You tell me that pizza is your favorite food, maybe you should eat that. Once the robot comes out, you can connect the created AI to the robot.

In an article published on social media, the sex doll CEO and the so-called robot developer asked the doll: "What do you think of sex?" The sex doll appeared almost like life before saying a word: "Sex is one of the most fascinating things in the world. I don't think it has any problems."

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