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Digital handheld shield drone jammer: best drone killer 

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With the rapid development of science and technology, a kind of small but strong "elves" suddenly appeared, and became popular all over the world. This is the uav, in the cheers of the public, all the way forward, in logistics, plant protection, fire control, mapping, aerial photography and other fields have greatly facilitated the production and life of people... Recently, at the second world intelligence conference (wic), unmanned aerial vehicles (uavs) became popular again with their latest technologies, cool shapes and neat formations.

The term "black flight" refers to flights that do not have a private pilot's license or a plane's legal status. That is to say, flights that are not registered or allowed are dangerous, and each of us is more or less affected by drones. So how to eliminate the black flying incident of uav? Someone would say drone jammer ,yes ,today, I would like to introduce a shield drone jammer, which is convenient to carry, powerful and popular by the public.

The hand-held light portable signal uav countermeasures instrument is designed to counter the remote control signals of low-altitude flying uav in the field. It has no impact on the use of surrounding signals, such as mobile phone communication, operator base station, car remote control, police radar and so on. 3~4 channels of signal output (remote control 2.4g / 5.8g positioning GPS) are adopted for signal truncation in response.

This digital handheld shield drone jammer has been tested for many times with the actual distance of 350-1200 meters per second. The communication and navigation between uav and remote pilot can be cut off at a long distance, and the uav can be driven away or forced landing effectively.

This digital shield drone jammer can effectively block 1.5GGPS navigation system, 2.4g + 5.8g image transmission and control signals! The measured distance reachs 2 km, the product is small in size, light in weight and only 1.5 kg, portable, built-in battery standby time of 1-2 hours. Easy to make all the market uav, forced landing, the original road return, drive away all the functions are fully realized.

The equipment is simple to operate. The shield drone jammer is used to face the direction of the uav. At the same time, when the GPS light is pressed, the uav is forced landing. Meanwhile, the built-in battery DC24V/3500mA is externally connected to the spare battery, and the built-in battery works for 45-70 minutes at a time.

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