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Can sex dolls help humans stay healthy? 

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Sexual dolls can also be used as non-normative personality preferences (think of violent or non-gay tastes), do not want to hurt living people, or monogamous people want to conduct sexual behavior tests without actual commitment. Infidelity. Describe all these people as people who are disgusted with fanaticism. They are eager to create their distorted rape illusions on unwitting plastics. This is unfair, just as all people who buy sex (estimated 14% of American men) are described as Barbarism is as unfair as exploitation.

Perhaps many people don't understand sex doll, which leads them to misunderstand people who buy and use sex dolls. People who use these dolls are lonely losers. They are disgusted with women or unable to find women. But in fact, it's not. Sex is diverse, and if it's just a sad guy who can't find a woman, it's too simple. Some people are only attracted to dolls or robots. I told some married men that their wife was ill, so she didn't have sex with them. He didn't want to cheat, but still wanted to have sex. However, due to this shame, these people still do not want to reveal their real names.

Sex dolls are currently more common in silicone doll and TPE doll.Due to their high cost (such as customizable real dolls), sex dolls are still generally considered expensive novelty items. Couples buy dolls and single people, this is a trend of people's desires. Humans are an appetizing sex animal. Couples find that dolls are a safe way to introduce another partner because there is no emotion. This is sexual exploration, no cheating. When a partner is unable to enjoy sex, sometimes for health reasons, the doll is sometimes referred to as a sex agent, but the couple do not want outside lovers.

It's easy to imagine that the only sex dolls the buyer wants are idealistic and perfect, but Matt eliminates this myth and insists that not everyone likes a super healthy, 18-year-old character. “A customer didn’t want a 20-year-old doll when he was in his sixties, so I took a face and gave her crow feet, wrinkles and a deeper smile line. He said, “This looks More like a woman, like someone I can relate to." We get all kinds of things, people want bigger ass, freckles are very popular and even rabbit teeth."

Indeed, the cost of masturbation becoming a rented chunk of silica is lower than the cost of having sex with a legal prostitute. But in general, although the rate of sex workers varies greatly depending on many factors, the typical “girlfriend experience” or more intimate sexual contact, spending about $1,000 per competitor, is not unheard of. An on-demand sex worker charges far more than that.

Urodlls' dolls are more realistic and have added internal heat to the genitals, but pay attention to adding mechanical features such as speakers or changing facial expressions in the event of breakage. "Imagine a doll with a very slow, sexy blink, and then one eye opened, so now she just blinks at you.

"If someone starts using these brothels, the dolls can't agree, they don't have any restrictions, we know very well what happens, not during the party. If the sex dolls become popular, the customer will think [lack of restrictions] is normal."

Since the beginning of the industrial revolution (or at least), Americans have been plagued by the anxiety of robots. In some service industries, these concerns have proven to be prescient. But the technology is far from perfect, although a report predicts that robots can replace human workers by 2030, but most people can rest assured that their work is temporarily safe. Most people, also sex workers.

The cost of sex dolls is not as cheap as people think, by hiring cleaners and employees to ensure that the dolls are in optimal condition for each use and to ensure thorough cleaning while the products and facilities are being maintained. But people can get the most authentic experience, which is beyond doubt.

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